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Innovation Technology Systems Integration
We take pride in focusing on innovation as the key factor in delivering market-leading products and solutions. We don't rely solely on explicit requirements - we take a fresh look at the challenges our customers face to anticipate solutions. Working in specialised areas Cat's Whisker Technologies employs a variety of applied sciences to bring new products to market. Our ability to adapt new technologies and integrate them into customer-focused solutions is a core competency. Our partners include industry leading corporations as well as small companies with specialised offerings.
Consultancy Services Design & Manufacturing Experience
With a comprehensive range of consultancy services we concentrate on the ability to deliver practical solutions quickly. Our agility delivers engagement to solution times which are typically shorter than our larger competitors. Our design and manufacturing capabilities include software, electronic and mechanical engineering and include a range of rapid prototyping processes. Customers and partners alike appreciate our experience in specialised fields, adding significant value to the solutions we can offer our customers.
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